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Something to know about the Redondo Varsity Classic is the seeds don’t necessarily correlate with the respective pool because of host sites needing to be home.

At the same time, it’s business as usual once the tournament enters bracket play. If everything played out according to the top seeds, they would all meet up in the quarterfinals.

The format is pool play Friday and bracket competition Saturday, with all matches best-of-three.

Seeds – 1. Redondo; 2. Marymount; 3. Chino Hills; 4. Valencia; 5. Long Beach Poly; 6. Rancho Cucamonga; 7. San Clemente; 8. Scripps Ranch


at Redondo

Pool 1 – Marymount; North; Peninsula; Oxnard

Pool 2 – Redondo; La Reina; Thousand Oaks; Rio Mesa

Pool 3 – Long Beach Poly; Tehachapi; Notre Dame/SO; Calabasas

Pool 4 – Rancho Cucamonga; Marlborough; Santa Monica; Saugus

at West

Pool 5 – Chino Hills; Harvard-Westlake; Palos Verdes; West

Pool 6 – Valencia; Bakersfield; Palisades; Burroughs

at South

Pool 7 – San Clemente; South; Notre Dame Academy; Los Osos

Pool 8 – Scripps Ranch; Ventura; La Canada; Millikan

What to Watch For

– It’s an interesting weekend for the host school Redondo, which is currently No. 1 in Division 1-AA. A late-season tournament like this can be trouble for a highly-ranked squad because losing can cost it spots in the rankings.

However, in Redondo’s case the most important result isn’t what happens this weekend, but next week in the Bay League finale against Mira Costa. A victory there clinches the outright league title for Redondo. If Redondo can make that happen, it probably has already done enough to earn a high seed despite what happens Friday and Saturday.

Redondo owns two victories over Marymount, which is also in the field. So even if they meet up a third time and Marymount wins, they’ll each own a tournament victory over the other with Redondo winning the best-of-five nonleague contest between them.

Redondo also owns a head-to-head victory over Mater Dei, which is currently ranked No. 3 in 1-AA. So if Redondo loses to someone like Chino Hills, Valencia or Long Beach Poly, Redondo might not fall out of the Top 4 when it’s all said and done.

– The top-two seeds in Redondo and Marymount are strong favorites. Marymount’s only two losses in the last five weeks are to Redondo and Mater Dei. The Sailors are playing well, including sweeping the Mission League series with Flintridge Sacred Heart.

Redondo hasn’t lost since going down to Archbishop Mitty in the semifinals of the Durango Fall Classic. It beat Marymount the following week in five games and since that match has only lost two sets – one to Peninsula and one to Mira Costa.

Chino Hills is another team that hasn’t lost in a bit. The Huskies’ last defeat also came at Durango. Granted, Chino Hills had two weeks off after Durango and didn’t play.

Chino Hills would love a shot at either Marymount or Redondo.

Long Beach Poly, Valencia and San Clemente are teams that could make noise, as well as Rancho Cucamonga.

Scripps Ranch comes from San Diego and has a bit of an X-factor feel. Scripps Ranch reached the semis last year, but is coming off a loss to Point Loma in five games Wednesday in Western League action.

– CIF rankings are always something to pay attention to at an event like this one. Redondo and Marymount are the only 1-AA teams currently ranked in the Top 10. Yet, Long Beach Poly and San Clemente are other 1-AA teams, as is the Mission League trio of Harvard-Westlake, Notre Dame/SO and Marlborough, as well as Peninsula, Palos Verdes and Millikan.

Here’s where things start to matter.

San Clemente just lost to Dana Hills in South Coast League for the second time, but can still win the outright league title. That’s where league strength can come into play for seeding purposes.

For example, if someone from the Mission League can beat San Clemente that could be big. Say Notre Dame/SO beats San Clemente. Well, if San Clemente is a league champion and Notre Dame is in third place in the Mission, it’s not far-fetched Notre Dame could get placed ahead of San Clemente in the draw.

Using Poly as an example, Poly is in second in the Moore League. So if Peninsula, PV or Notre Dame beat Poly, that would be a big win for their respective leagues based on expected final finishes.

If San Clemente and Poly meet up, that could be key as to which team gets placed higher come CIF. Of course, if anyone of the 1-AA teams are able to beat Marymount or Redondo, that could have consequences as well.

Another division that could be impacted is 1-A.

Chino Hills, Valencia, Rancho Cucamonga and Ventura are some of the better 1-A teams in the field. Chino Hills and Rancho Cucamonga are in the Baseline League together, a league Chino Hills has clinched.

Valencia is chasing Hart in the Foothill League and is currently ranked No. 8 in 1-A, four spots below No. 4 Chino Hills. Rancho Cucamonga is at No. 10. Ventura is trying to make the playoffs out of the Channel League.

If Ventura can beat a team like Valencia or Chino Hills it could be huge for Ventura when it comes to placement in CIF. Likewise for Rancho Cucamonga.

Rancho Cucamonga is likely to finish in second in the Baseline. Say Valencia beats Hart and they share the Foothill League title, then second-place Rancho Cucamonga might have a case to be placed higher than Valencia, a league champ potentially.


Pool 1 – Marymount; North; Peninsula; Oxnard

Marymount is the heavy favorite to win the pool. The action is between North and Peninsula for second place. Peninsula and North haven’t played this season, but Peninsula has faced South. North and South are from the Pioneer League and South topped Peninsula in five while sweeping North. Oxnard faces a tough time picking up a victory in this pool.

Prediction – Marymount; Peninsula; North; Oxnard

Pool 2 – Redondo; La Reina; Thousand Oaks; Rio Mesa

It’s going to take a special effort from someone to keep Redondo from winning the pool. The fun match is between La Reina and Thousand Oaks. The two are from the same area but haven’t played this season. It should carry some local bragging rights to be sure. Thousand Oaks is in 1-AA this season, while La Reina is No. 3 in 4-AA.

Prediction – Redondo; Thousand Oaks; La Reina; Rio Mesa

Pool 3 – Long Beach Poly; Tehachapi; Notre Dame/SO; Calabasas

It’s a big match between Poly and Notre Dame/SO in the 1 v 3 contest from a possible seedings standpoint for CIF. Both are going to have their hands full with Tehachapi, which is a strong team from the Bakersfield area. Calabasas is going to be in for a challenging time.

Prediction – Poly; Tehachapi; Notre Dame/SO; Calabasas

Pool 4 – Rancho Cucamonga; Marlborough; Santa Monica; Saugus

Santa Monica is coming off a huge victory over Culver City in Ocean League play. That’ll have Santa Monica’s confidence high but is that enough to take down either Rancho Cucamonga or Marlborough. We’ll see. Rancho Cucamonga and Marlborough seem likely to fight it out for first place. It should be one of the best 1 v 2 contest Friday.

Prediction – Rancho Cucamonga; Marlborough; Santa Monica; Saugus

at West

Pool 5 – Chino Hills; Harvard-Westlake; Palos Verdes; West

Chino Hills is the pool favorite, the question is what will Harvard-Westlake’s status be entering the 1 v 2 contest. Harvard-Westlake and Palos Verdes could produce a tight affair and the victor is likely to gain the inside track for second place. Either way, it’s going to be difficult for someone to take down Chino Hills and keep it from finishing first.

Prediction – Chino Hills; Harvard-Westlake; Palos Verdes; West

Pool 6 – Valencia; Bakersfield; Palisades; Burroughs

This could be an interesting pool. There’s not many common opponents between them so it could make for an unpredictable time. Valencia has done fairly well in tournament play this season, so that’s something to watch for. There is a good chance the pool comes down to Valencia and Bakersfield.

Prediction – Valencia; Bakersfield; Palisades; Burroughs

at South

Pool 7 – San Clemente; South; Notre Dame Academy; Los Osos

This pool should come down to San Clemente and South. San Clemente has been up-and-down all season and it’s hard to predict how they’ll show up. South is playing well of late and could give San Clemente a serious challenge for first place. It should be one of the better 1 v 2 contest as well.

Prediction – South; San Clemente; Notre Dame Academy; Los Osos

Pool 8 – Scripps Ranch; Ventura; La Canada; Millikan

Predicting this pool is difficult, as it could end up a number of ways. Millikan is a strong No. 4 team. Millikan has seen Lakewood, Poly and Long Beach Wilson in league, so it’s prepared for a tournament like this in terms of having seen strong competition already. Scripps Ranch and Ventura have been through some tough league battles, as has La Canada. It’s a pool where it seems like anyone can win any of the matches.

Prediction – Scripps Ranch; Millikan; Ventura; La Canada

Bracket Play


Redondo v Peninsula – Redondo in 2

Scripps Ranch v San Clemente – San Clemente in 3

Valencia v Harvard v Westlake – Valencia in 3

Long Beach Poly v Marlborough – Long Beach Poly in 2


Chino Hills v Bakersfield – Chino Hills in 2

Rancho Cucamonga v Tehachapi – Rancho Cucamonga in 3

South v Millikan – South in 3

Marymount v Thousand Oaks – Marymount in 2


Redondo v San Clemente – Redondo in 2

Valencia v Long Beach Poly – Valencia in 3

Chino Hills v Rancho Cucamonga – Chino Hills in 2

Marymount v South – Marymount in 2


Redondo v Valencia – Redondo in 2

Chino Hills v Marymount – Marymount in 2


Redondo v Marymount – Redondo in 3

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The Santa Barbara TOC is the longest running best-of-five tournament in the nation.

It’s a smaller field than most tournaments, with 16 teams in bracket-style competition. Everyone plays four matches, two Friday and two Saturday.

Here’s this year’s field:


No. 1 Archbishop Mitty v No. 16 Dana Hills (11 am)

No. 8 La Costa Canyon v No. 9 Newport Harbor (11 am)

No. 5 Flintridge Sacred Heart v No. 12 Westview (12:45 pm)

No. 4 Mira Costa v No. 13 Santa Barbara (12:45 pm)


No. 3 Corona del Mar v No. 14 St. Francis (2:30 pm)

No. 6 Campolindo v No. 11 San Marcos (2:30 pm)

No. 7 Great Oak v No. 10 Valley Christian (4:15 pm)

No. 2 Torrey Pines v No. 15 Dos Pueblos (4:15 pm)

What to Watch For:

– The tournament does a good job of blending teams from various regions. Torrey Pines, La Costa Canyon and Westview come from San Diego. Newport Harbor, Dana Hills and Corona del Mar are Orange County teams. Mira Costa and Flintridge Sacred Heart come from Los Angeles County.

Great Oak hails from Temecula, while Santa Barbara, Dos Pueblos and San Marcos are from Santa Barbara. The rest of the field is from up north with Archbishop Mitty, Campolindo, Valley Christian and St. Francis.

Some years the TOC can act as a mini-state preview. Two years ago Archbishop Mitty defeated Marymount in five games in the final. Marymount went on to win the Division 1 title for state, while Mitty captured the Division 2 crown.

Mitty’s victory against Marymount in the TOC final was basically a state championship as those were the two best schools in California that season.

Last year, Mitty and Valley Christian were in the tournament and ended up winning their respective divisions in the state playoffs.

This season, Mitty, Valley Christian and Campolindo will all have a chance to represent their respective divisions in state.

As for the TOC field this year, there are some great matches between Nor Cal and So Cal teams for pure bragging rights. Great Oak and Valley Christian in the first round is one example.

Corona del Mar and Campolindo could meet in the second round.

Then there’s regional bragging rights between So Cal teams. La Costa Canyon and Newport Harbor square off in the first round, as does Flintridge Sacred Heart and Westview. Torrey Pines and Great Oak could meet in the second round.

There’s plenty to like about what takes place over the course of two days.

– Bragging rights are awesome but it’s CIF rankings that determine seeding in the Southern Section. Therefore, any potential meetings that can impact rankings are big.

The one that might matter the most in the first round is Mira Costa-Santa Barbara. Mira Costa is in Division 1-AA, while Santa Barbara is in Division 1-A.

There are times when 1-AA teams losing to 1-A opponents cost 1-AA squads in the ranking.

The one that potentially stands out in the second round is Mira Costa and Flintridge Sacred Heart. FSH is No. 6 in 1-AA. Costa beat FSH at the Durango Fall Classic, but a recent loss to Rancho Cucamonga hurt Mira Costa in the rankings.

If they play that’s a key result because the winner is most certainly likely to be ranked higher than the loser in next week’s rankings.

In terms of seedings for CIF, the two other matches that would be key is if CdM plays either Mira Costa or FSH somehow in back-bracket action. Or if somehow Newport Harbor plays CdM, FSH or Costa. Those are all 1-AA teams.

– Archbishop Mitty is seeking its third consecutive TOC crown. Mitty defeated Marymount in five games two years ago and then beat La Salle in five last season to repeat. The chances Mitty adds to its streak are favorable.

Mitty reached the finals of the Durango Fall Classic, where it finished runner up to Assumption. Torrey Pines, FSH, Costa, LCC and Valley Christian were also at Durango.

Mitty beat Redondo at Durango and Redondo is currently No. 1 in Division 1-AA.

– The best first-round matches look to be La Costa Canyon-Newport Harbor, Flintridge Sacred Heart-Westview and Great Oak-Valley Christian.

LCC and Newport Harbor pits two storied programs against each other and the teams are built similarly this season. It could be a long, drawn out match. FSH-Westview should be a fun match as well as they are somewhat similar too.

Great Oak must find a way to solve Valley Christian’s height. Valley Christian is going to have some definite match up advantages if Valley Christian can exploit them. But Great Oak is capable of playing good enough defense to cause problems for Valley Christian.

After the first round, moving forward in the winner’s bracket the matches keeping getting better and better.



No. 1 Archbishop Mitty v No. 16 Dana Hills

Dana Hills’ best victory this season is over San Clemente in South Coast League play. Archbishop Mitty owns a victory over Redondo Union. Based on that, Mitty is a heavy favorite. Rightfully so, as Mitty is deeper than Dana Hills and has played in bigger matches this season. At the same time, the reason a program like Dana Hills comes to a tournament like this is to get to play somebody of Mitty’s caliber. There’s just no way Mitty doesn’t take care of business and advance. Dana Hills has a strong attacker in junior outside Ayla Fresenius but the Dolphins need everyone to step up huge if they want to sniff an upset.

Winner – Mitty in 3

No. 8 La Costa Canyon v No. 9 Newport Harbor

As fast as the Mitty match is expected to go is in stark contrast to how long this one could last. Newport Harbor is no stranger to five games this season, playing five in league so far. La Costa Canyon has a big five-game victory over Mater Dei this year. Does that mean this one is going five. Not necessarily but it certainly has the potential to. Both teams are built on defense and struggle to score out of system. Neither has much size and both are well-coached. The rallies should be long and the match back-and-forth. The players of the match might be liberos Casey Jacobs (LCC) and Sammie Yeager (NH). The one X-factor is it’s always hard to tell how teams are going to play at 11 am on Friday.

Winner – La Costa Canyon in 5

No. 5 Flintridge Sacred Heart v No. 12 Westview

From a So Cal perspective, this is the type of match you want in the first round of this tournament. Westview is one of the top teams in San Diego this season. FSH is one of the top Southern Section teams. They are too far away from each other to ever schedule a nonleague match, so playing a best-of-five in this setting is perfect. It’s an interesting matchup. FSH took Marymount to five games last week in league action. Marymount is a bigger, more physical team than Westview and FSH was right there. That’s because FSH is disciplined on defense and when on takes care of the ball well. Westview isn’t quite as strong defensively, but has some more pop offensively with the outside combo of Kolby Bird and Izzy Guzik. FSH’s attack is built more around outside Kayla Lund, who carries much of the load. Even though FSH drew the higher seed, it’s a contest either team can win. It’s not like one is heavily favored over the other. It should make for an entertaining time.

Winner – FSH in 4

No. 4 Mira Costa v No. 13 Santa Barbara

It’s hard to say Santa Barbara was doing itself a favor by scheduling Mira Costa in the first round. It’s a tough match up for Santa Barbara, which is going to have to play at a high level to have a shot at taking down Costa. The Mustangs have played in plenty of big matches this season and gone toe-to-toe with some of the best teams in So Cal. The question is can Santa Barbara find ways to consistently threaten Costa. Neither team is built around physicality, but Costa does have more offensively with outside Skylar Caputo and middle Katie Rethmeyer. One of Santa Barbara’s strengths is at setting with Lexi Rottman, while both teams carry strong liberos in Dane Miller (SB) and Emma Smith (MC). Santa Barbara might be able to keep it close early as each sides figure each other out, but Mira Costa will eventually pull away by the end.

Winner – Mira Costa in 3


No. 3 Corona del Mar v No. 14 St. Francis

Corona del Mar is probably the favorite in this match between Northern and Southern California. Corona del Mar is looking to gear up for the CIF playoffs and will be using the weekend to gain some momentum. CdM made a recent lineup change by moving Jessie Harris to the outside. She joins Katie Craig and the duo should see plenty of action. Since the teams don’t know much about each other, they are likely to feel one another out. Eventually, CdM should gain control of the match and advance.

Winner – CdM in 3

No. 6 Campolindo v No. 11 San Marcos

Campolindo has some quality wins over So Cal teams this season in Vista Murrieta and Chino Hills. Campolindo has lost to Torrey Pines and Santa Margarita. San Marcos started the week in first place in the Channel League and has been playing well the second half of league. San Marcos relies on Allen sisters Emily and Chloe, as well as Anika Wilson and Gabi Peoples. Campolindo might be the toughest team San Marcos has seen this season, so it’s a challenging match.

Winner – Campolindo in 4

No. 7 Great Oak v No. 10 Valley Christian

Whereas some of the other top first-round matches are between similar teams, Great Oak and Valley Christian is a clash in styles. Valley Christian has three players at 6-foot-3 and an outside at 6-foot-1. Great Oak can’t match that size. Middle Amy Underdown is 6-foot-2, while opposite Bailee Huizenga is 6-foot-1. Great Oak needs to win the match with serving and passing and keeping Valley Christian off the net. If Great Oak can get the transition going and neutralize the block of Valley Christian, Great Oak can prevail.

Winner – Valley Christian in 5

No. 2 Torrey Pines v No. 15 Dos Pueblos

The teams were at the California Challenge together earlier this month but did not play against each other. Torrey Pines is a clear favorite in this match and Dos Pueblos will need to produce a special effort to pull off the upset. Dos Pueblos’ strongest attacker is McKenna Goss, while Torrey Pines can answer with Savannah Rennie and Savvy Simo. Torrey Pines has a deeper lineup and that should help the Falcons in this one.

Winner – Torrey Pines in 3


Mitty v La Costa Canyon

La Costa Canyon will be able to play with Mitty, but the Mavericks will struggle to consistently end points. MItty just has more to throw at LCC and that’ll be the difference.

Winner – Mitty in 3

Flintridge Sacred Heart v Mira Costa

Mira Costa defeated FSH in three games in a best-of-three format at the Durango Fall Classic. This rematch could have big CIF rankings implications. Both teams were playing well in Vegas and it should be a similar match. Both teams will dig in defensively and whichever makes the least errors will advance.

Winner – Mira Costa in 5

Corona del Mar v Campolindo

Another tough match to call, this could go the distance as well. Campolindo might be a bit better on the offensive end, but CdM is probably more solid on the defensive side and taking care of the ball. It should be a close match throughout.

Winner – CdM in 5

Torrey Pines v Valley Christian

The teams played twice last season and with some returning players there is some familiarity between them. Torrey Pines is going to have the same size disadvantage as Great Oak and will have to beat Valley Christian at the fundamentals. Valley Christian is going to be motivated to beat Torrey Pines, so this is a tough challenge for the Falcons.

Winner – Torrey Pines in 5


Mitty v Mira Costa

Reaching the semis was a good run for Mira Costa, but it’s going to be difficult to keep it going against Mitty.

Winner – Mitty in 4

Corona del Mar v Torrey Pines

This would be a fun match from a So Cal perspective. Torrey Pines can cause certain matchup problems for CdM, but ultimately CdM is going to find a way to surprise Torrey Pines and move on.

Winner – CdM in 5


Mitty v Corona del Mar

Corona del Mar will find out why no one else in the field was able to beat Mitty. CdM will put up a fight, but Mitty will walk away with yet another TOC title.

Winner – Mitty in 4

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It’s a... [numOfComments] => 0 ) [2] => stdClass Object ( [id] => 30168 [title] => 4-on-4 Sand Drama - Who messed up? [alias] => 4-on-4-sand-drama-who-messed-up [catid] => 10 [published] => 1 [introtext] =>

This story has many moving pieces, most of which I'm still trying to sort through.

Let's start with what we know.

We know a number - the exact figure isn't known - of volleyball players currently competing on their respective high school teams were ruled ineligible for violating rule 600.

CIF Bylaw 600 states, “A student on a high school team becomes ineligible if the student competes in a contest on an “outside” team, in the same sport, during the student’s high school season of sport.”

4) Furthermore, CIF Bylaw 600.A states, “If the outside team has half or more of the team members as stated in the National Federation Rule Book for that sport, it shall be considered the same sport. Examples: three on three basketball – outside team competition prohibited, two on two volleyball – outside team competition permitted.”

5) Finally, CIF Bylaw 601.A(1), First Offense in High School Career in Any Sport, “The student becomes immediately ineligible for participation with his/her high school team for a number of contests equal to twice the number of contests of outside competition in which the student participated.”

The rule was applied to a 4-on-4 co-ed sand tournament held over the weekend as a fundraising event for Long Beach State.

We also know a handful of parents, as well as at least one assistant principal, and the tournament director contacted CIF prior to signing up for the tournament. According to those parents and the tournament director, they were told by members at CIF that it was allowable to participate in the sand tournament.

In fact, one parent happens to be an assistant principal (though CIF said she was not acting in an asst. principal capacity, more below on that).

Here is her email:

My name is Lisa Hansen, mom of Sedona Hansen who played on the all girls team this past weekend.  On September 18, at approximately 10:15a.m., I called CIF and spoke to Brandi Stuart.  The reason I called was because Becky Wally had told me that if the girls play in the beach tournament, it would jeopardize their high school eligibility status.   I tried to find the rule that would apply to this situation but it was not clear.  I assumed Article 60, regarding outside competition, was what Becky was referring to.  Article 60 gives an example of flag and touch football being different than tackle football, therefore high school football players can play flag or touch without it penalizing them.  So, I called CIF to verify and point out Article 60 with the football example and Brandi said "beach volleyball is not a sanctioned CIF sport therefore CIF rules would not apply".  She said the girls are free to play in any beach event.  I even clarified it with her about the tournament being a 4 on 4 tournament.  She stated again that beach is not a sanctioned CIF sport and it is different than indoor volleyball, just as flag and touch football are different than tackle football.  

Four different people, all well versed and educated in volleyball, received the exact same answer from CIF.  We would not have allowed the girls to play if we had any inclination that the result would be a suspension for 2 games, especially so late in the season.   The ruling doesn't make sense and it is irresponsible.  

Thank you,

Lisa Hansen

Assistant Principal

Serrano High School

After playing in the tourney, the players learned they were in violation of the rule.

At the same time, another thing I know that happened was Lakewood coach Mike Wadley contacted Brandi Stuart regarding participation in the 4s tourney earlier this month and was told explicitly from Stuart that playing in the tournament would be a violation and any of Wadley's players that participated would be subject to the penalty of having to sit out matches.

Wadley said he had a parent contact CIF and that parent said it was OK to play in the tournament. To double check, Wadley called Stuart and that's when he found out it wasn’t OK to play in the tourney. This is all directly from Wadley, who said he didn't mind going on record with it.

We also know CIF sent out a blanket response earlier this week and essentially said it considered the mattered closed. It said the 600 rule is clear and the players were in violation.

What's unknown is where the issue is.

Until we know exactly what was communicated originally between CIF and those seeking clarity as if they could play in the event or not, nothing can be answered definitely.

The clear question is what was communicated between CIF and those seeking clarification, and where any misunderstanding could have taken place and why?

I have to believe someone like Lisa Hansen, an assistant principal, is telling her side of the story accurately. I also believe Wadley is telling the truth.

And between them they have different information. That needs to be addressed.

One was told it was OK, the other was told it wasn't OK. That creates a clear discrepancy right there.

Another issue is it isn't clear who participated and who didn't participate. Schools are being asked to self-report the violation, meaning some schools might get away without penalty if they stay quiet.

For me, the bottom line is clear.

What CIF communicated originally needs to be known. If CIF did in fact give out wrong info, CIF needs to own it. At the same time, without knowing exactly what was said, no conclusions can be drawn other to say there is more to this story than is known.

I don't know all the schools impacted.

I know one of the worst affected is Santa Margarita. Santa Margarita played Monday night, before the issue of playing in the tourney surfaced. Santa Margarita had a girl play Sunday and then in the Trinity League match against Rosary on Monday.

As a result, Santa Margarita has to forfeit the Rosary victory. Santa Margarita is in the process of appealing this, but if the forfeit is upheld, it'll cost Santa Margarita a share of the Trinity League title.

Huntington Beach and Edison both have players that must sit out this week as well in the middle of an important Sunset League race.

Here's where it gets interesting.

Here's a quote from CIF-SS commissioner Rob Wigod:

As Wigod said in a statement, “I believe that our member schools have to be able to trust the fact that when they seek help from our office, they will get that help. I never want to be in a situation where our member schools look to us for guidance and still suffer consequences after making an honest effort to not violate our rules and avoid those consequences.”

That was a quote given to Steve Fryer of The Orange County Register regarding a situation involving a JSerra football player earlier this month.

If you read that, it seems you could directly apply it to what happened here. But not necessarily. 

A JSerra football player was ejected in a junior varsity game but still suited up for a varsity game the next night.

That meant JSerra should have forfeited its Friday night victory. JSerra ultimately didn’t have to forfeit.

JSerra tried to get clarification from CIF and CIF eventually said it felt JSerra did its part in seeking the correct course of action and thus no penalty would be taken against JSerra. Part of the issue was whether the JSerra player was actually ejected or not during the JV contest.

That caused a lot of confusion in that case.

It’s clear players participated in the sand tournament over the weekend. That can’t be disputed.

And if a member school didn’t seek out CIF’s guidance and only a parent did, that might be where an issue is. CIF represents its member schools, not parents.

In fact, from CIF Director of Communication Thom Simmons, “Ms. Hansen was not asking as the assistant principal at Serrano High School… she was asking as a Mom. Parents are not our stakeholders, the member schools are. You’re right; our member schools should not suffer consequences if they make an “honest effort”. I can only state that the affected member schools have self-reported and accepted and applied sanctions as they regard the teams and athletes involved.”

Here's what my gut is telling me about this whole issue, and it’s purely my opinion.

Anyone who contacted CIF in September was told one thing. Someone like Wadley got in touch with CIF a few weeks ago and was told something else. Somewhere in between, CIF came to the conclusion playing in the 4s would be a violation.

To me, it looks like a clear misunderstanding that has caused giant issues and confusion now.

As I stated before, I would love to know what was originally communicated from the CIF offices regarding playing in the 4s and why. 

It goes back to that and until we know, we are left wondering. 

I know there are people out there that don’t want to hear this, but moving forward it’s clear.

Parents should not call CIF asking for clarifications.

It needs to go through proper channels. Wadley didn’t want to settle on what he heard from a parent, so he contacted CIF directly. It so happens he received the correct info.

To all coaches, contact CIF directly about any discrepancies. It changes the game for CIF.

That’s the big difference between the JSerra football case and the volleyball case now. JSerra is a member school and coaches acting on behalf of the school contacted CIF.

Another point regarding moving forward is since flag football is treated as a separate sport than tackle football and futsal considered different than soccer, something needs to be done to get sand and indoor volleyball recognized as different sports.

That ultimately would take care of everything.

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1. Redondo Union – Redondo begins an important stretch of the season beginning this week. The Sea Hawks, still undefeated in the Bay League, face Peninsula, which took a set off Redondo in the first meeting. Redondo then hosts its own tournament, where Marymount is playing as well. Redondo then closes league next week against Mira Costa. Redondo is set up to finish no worse than a No. 2 seed come CIF, so that’s why the close of the season is important so the Sea Hawks can secure it.

2. Lakewood – For Lakewood, the season is really about getting ready for the playoffs at this point. Though Lakewood takes on Long Beach Wilson this week, the Lancers have essentially clinched the Moore League title.

3. Aliso Niguel – Aliso Niguel still hasn’t lost a set in Sea View League play. The Wolverines have El Toro and Mission Viejo this week. The question for Aliso, which remains at No. 3 for the third consecutive week, is how ready will they be for the playoffs considering the lack of competitive matches lately.

4. Santiago – Santiago, which moved up one spot to a season-high No.4, can wrap up the Big VIII title this week by beating Centennial and Norco. Santiago swept King last week to take a two-game lead in the standings with three games to play.

5. Corona del Mar – Corona del Mar climbs one spot to No. 5 after winning a pair of Pacific Coast League matches last week. CdM is still undefeated in league and closing in on a title. CdM has a busy week ahead, playing league matches against University and Beckman and then participating in the Santa Barbara TOC on Friday and Saturday.

6. Mater Dei – Mater Dei is up to a season-high No. 6 on the strength of beating Santa Margarita in five games last week in Trinity League play. The teams are tied for first place. Mater Dei beat Orange Lutheran on Monday night in its only match of the week.

7. Santa Margarita – The Eagles drop three spots after losing to Mater Dei but remain in a tie for first in the Trinity standings. Santa Margarita swept Rosary on Monday and closes the week with Orange Lutheran on Wednesday.

8. Marymount – Marymount holds steady at No. 8. Marymount picked up a key victory last week by fending off Flintridge Sacred Heart in five games in Mission League play. It gave Marymount a two-game lead over FSH for first place. Marymount takes on Harvard-Westlake and Notre Dame/SO in league contests this week before heading to the Redondo Varsity Classic.

9. Torrey Pines – Torrey Pines went 3-0 in Palomar League competition last week and stays at No. 9. It included sweeping Westview to remain undefeated and in first place. Torrey Pines has one league match this week then heads to Santa Barbara for the TOC to end the week.

10. La Costa Canyon – La Costa Canyon moves up one spot to No. 10 this week. LCC won both Avocado League matches last week. The Mavericks have two more this week before playing in the Santa Barbara TOC on Friday and Saturday. That’ll end the competition lull LCC has gone through lately. 

11. Flintridge Sacred Heart – FSH fell one spot in the rankings to No. 11 after losing to Marymount last week. FSH continues league play this week with Harvard-Westlake on Thursday. The Tologs are also in the TOC to end the week.

12. Mira Costa – Mira Costa picked up sweeps over Palos Verdes and Peninsula in Bay League competition last week and remains at No. 12. The Mustangs were pushed to five by Peninsula in the first meeting but owned the rematch. Mira Costa’s toughest test this week comes Friday and Saturday, when it participates in the TOC in Santa Barbara.

13. Redlands East Valley – The Wildcats stayed put at No. 13 after sweeping a pair of Citrus Belt League contests last week. REV has a big week ahead with Citrus Valley and Yucaipa, which are tied for second place behind REV in the standings.

14. Chino Hills – Chino Hills climbed one spot to No. 14. The Huskies picked up a key victory over Rancho Cucamonga in Baseline League play last week. It gave Chino Hills a two-game lead over Rancho and St. Lucy’s. Chino Hills faces Upland and St. Lucy’s this week and can clinch the outright title with two victories. Chino Hills then goes to the Redondo Varsity Classic to cap the week.

15. Great Oak – Great Oak slides up one spot to No. 15 after beating Murrieta Valley and Vista Murrieta in league matches last week. Great Oak continues Southwestern play with Chaparral and Temecula Valley this week. Victories over both clinches at least a share of the league title for Great Oak. The week concludes with Great Oak playing in the Santa Barbara TOC.

16. Village Christian – Village Christian continues inching up the rankings, moving one spot to a season-high No. 16. Village Christian captured both Olympic League matches last week, topping Maranatha and Whittier Christian. Two more league matches are ahead this week with Valley Christian and Heritage Christian.

17. Bishop’s – Sweeping both Coastal League matches last week against Tri-City and La Jolla Country Day has Bishop’s at a season-high No. 17. Bishop’s has a big week ahead, playing league contests against Santa Fe Christian and Parker.

18. Canyon Crest Academy – The Ravens climbed two spots to No. 18 after beating Mt. Carmel and Poway in Palomar League matches last week. CCA has a light week ahead with one league match against Rancho Bernardo.

19. Vista Murrieta – The Broncos moved downed one spot to No. 19. They face a critical match against Murrieta Valley on Tuesday. Vista Murrieta has a favorable contest against Murrieta Mesa on Thursday, but Tuesday’s is almost a must-win if Vista Murrieta wants to receive an automatic playoff berth.

20. Villa Park – The Spartans suffered a tough five-game loss to Brea Olinda last week and dropped six spots in the rankings as a result. Villa Park picks up league play this week with Canyon and El Dorado. The loss to Brea was tough because it cost Villa Park in the CIF rankings. Villa Park fell from No. 3 to No. 6 in 1-A.

21. Long Beach Poly – The Jackrabbits have a busy week ahead. First up is Long Beach Wilson on Tuesday in a key Moore League match for second place. Poly then plays Compton on Thursday before competing in the Redondo Varsity Classic on Friday and Saturday.

22. Valencia – Valencia swept both Foothill League matches last week. Valencia plays Golden Valley and Canyon in league contests this week. Valencia is also in the Redondo Varsity Classic to end the week.

23. Francis Parker – It was an eventful Coastal League run for Parker last week. The Lancers pulled out five-game victories over both Santa Fe Christian and Calvin Christian to remain in second place behind Bishop’s. It’s another big week ahead for Parker with two more league contests. First up is La Jolla Country Day, which took Parker to five games in the first contest. Parker then has a rematch with Bishop’s on Friday.

24. Westview – Westview lost to Torrey Pines in Palomar League play last week but beat Mt. Carmel. The Wolverines have Poway on Wednesday then are in the Santa Barbara TOC to end the week.

25. Brea Olinda – Brea cracks the Top 25 for the first time this season. Brea upset previously No. 14 Villa Park in five games last week. It was a huge victory for Brea, which has just three losses this season. One came to Esperanza in tournament play, as did one to Troy. Both came when Brea wasn’t fully healthy. Brea came back to beat Esperanza in North Hills League play. They play again this week. Brea’s other loss this season is to No. 4 Santiago.


A look at some of the best efforts from last week:

McKenna Goss put down 24 kills and hit .362 as Dos Pueblos beat Thousand Oaks, 20-25, 25-19, 26-24, 26-24, in nonleague action.

Sydney Beyma finished with 19 kills and Julia Patterson 51 assists as Los Alamitos downed Newport Harbor in five, 27-25, 20-25, 15-25, 25-22, 15-7, in Sunset League competition.

Delainey Hargraves recorded 20 digs as Tesoro swept Dana Hills, 25-15, 25-23, 25-19, in South Coast League play.

Abby Broadstreet registered 26 kills and 17 digs as Brea clipped Villa Park in five, 25-23, 21-25, 9-25, 29-27, 15-12. Bri Nabbout added 20 digs and Alyssa Rifilato 14 kills and 21 digs for Brea.

Bridgette Waldrup made 30 digs as Esperanza defeated Canyon in four, 20-25, 25-14, 25-17, 25-18, in nonleague play.

Katlyn Edwards ended with 30 digs when Temescal Canyon beat Perris, 25-16, 25-7, 25-10.

Tesa Oaks had 21 kills and 15 digs as Woodcrest Christian beat Arrowhead Christian, 25-17, 25-15, 25-14, in Ambassador League competition.

Kristin Kingi put away 28 kills as Thousand Oaks downed Calabasas in four games, 25-27, 25-15, 25-20, 25-22, in Marmonte League action.

Natalie Anston dished out 60 assists as Louisville beat Immaculate Heart, 25-14, 25-18, 15-25, 25-16, in Sunshine League play.

Cassidy Rosso put down 33 kills for Heritage Christian when it beat Whittier Christian in five, 25-19, 20-25, 27-25, 18-25, 15-13, in Olympic League play. Alyssa Larios added 31 digs for Heritage.

Kassy Laveaga finished with 21 kills as West Torrance beat Torrance, 25-27, 25-16, 25-20, 25-20.

Taylor Amaral recorded 21 kills as El Segundo fended off Beverly Hills in five, 21-25, 25-14, 26-24, 23-25, 15-6, in Ocean League play.

Sien Gallop registered 26 kills as Francis Parker beat Santa Fe Christian in five, 19-25, 22-25, 25-23, 25-16, 15-9, in Coastal League action.

Alyse Ford had 32 kills when Mater Dei beat Santa Margarita in five games, 21-25, 20-25, 25-21, 25-22, 15-13, in Trinity League play.

Katie Craig had 23 kills for Corona del Mar in a Pacific Coast League victory over Woodbridge in four games, 25-11, 24-26, 25-17, 25-15.

Haven Hill recorded 29 kills as St. Bonaventure beat Nordhoff, 25-21, 25-14, 15-25, 25-13, in Tri-Valley League play.

Kaylie Milton finished with 25 kills as Orange Lutheran defeated JSerra, 23-25, 25-22, 14-25, 25-17, 17-15, in an important Trinity League victory.

Violeti Faleumu had 20 kills, 17 digs and 5 blocks as Vista beat Carlsbad in five, 25-22, 15-25, 22-25, 25-17, 15-13, in Avocado League action.

Anika Wilson recorded 24 kills as San Marcos downed Dos Pueblos in five, 24-26, 25-18, 21-25, 25-17, 15-8, in Channel League competition.

Michaela Keefe ended with 20 kills as Marymount beat Flintridge Sacred Heart in five, 21-25, 25-19, 21-25, 26-24, 15-11, in Mission League play.

Natalia Betancourt finished with 24 digs as Santiago swept King, 25-13, 25-17, 25-13, in Big VII League play. Regan Lough had 24 digs for King.

Grace Forren had 21 kills, Nicole Magbanua 29 digs and Jenn Wineholt 50 assists when Parker beat Calvin Christian in five, 25-22, 31-33, 25-27, 25-21, 15-10, in Coastal League play. Christina DenBoer had 22 kills and 23 digs for Calvin Christian.


The week could potentially be the biggest of the season, as league races continue playing out and two big tournaments taking place.

The tournaments are the Redondo Varsity Classic and Santa Barbara TOC. More on those later in the week, but both can impact division rankings and that’s always important this time of year.

Host Redondo, Marymount, Long Beach Poly, Chino Hills, Rancho Cucamonga and Valencia, as well as San Diego’s Scripps Ranch are some of the top teams at the Redondo event. Redondo, Marymount and Poly are in 1-AA together, while Chino Hills, Rancho and Valencia are in 1-A together.

Teams like Mira Costa, Flintridge Sacred Heart, Corona del Mar, Great Oak and Newport Harbor from 1-AA, Torrey Pines, Westview and La Costa Canyon from San Diego, and the Channel League trio of Santa Barbara, Dos Pueblos and San Marcos are at the TOC.

Also at the TOC is Nor Cal’s Archbishop Mitty, which reached the finals of the Durango Fall Classic and is the two-time defending champion.

Here’s a look at some of the best league matches this week:

Five Matches to Watch For:

5. Santa Barbara at Ventura, Tue

In a tight Channel League race every victory counts. Santa Barbara trails Ventura by a half game. On top of that, Ventura swept Santa Barbara in the first round of league. If Ventura can pull out another victory, it’ll put Santa Barbara’s playoff hopes in serious jeopardy. However, if Santa Barbara can avenge its earlier loss the Dons still have a chance to finish in second place.

Prediction – Santa Barbara in 4.

4. Notre Dame/SO at Marlborough, Tue

A playoff appearance could very well be riding on the outcome of this Mission League match. Notre Dame/SO and Marlborough are in a close race for the final automatic playoff berth that goes to the third-place team. Notre Dame captured the first meeting, but has been on a tough stretch lately. Notre Dame lost last week to Harvard-Westlake in four games to create the bunch up for third place. The bottom line is there is a good chance the winner of this match finishes third and earns the final playoff berth.

Prediction – Notre Dame/SO in 5.

3. Edison at Newport Harbor, Thu

Depending on what happens in Tuesday’s contest between Newport Harbor and Huntington Beach, this Sunset League clash could have league title implications. If Newport Harbor can beat Huntington Beach on Tuesday, it would remain in first place heading into the Edison match. If Newport Harbor can beat Edison again – Newport won the first meeting in five games – then the Sailors would be in a great position. All they would have to do is beat Marina in the league finale to clinch a share of first place. Edison still has to play Los Alamitos next week, but Edison has a shot at finishing in first place if things break a certain way. Edison needs Newport to beat Huntington Beach, then Edison needs to beat Newport and Los Al. About the only thing for sure in the Sunset League this season is a match like this is going the distance. After that, it’s anybody guess what happens.

Prediction – Newport Harbor in 5.

2. Murrieta Valley at No. 19 Vista Murrieta, Tue

More playoff implications are on the line in this Southwestern League rematch. Murrieta Valley surprised Vista Murrieta in the first meeting and won in four games. As a result, Murrieta Valley is ahead of Vista Murrieta in the standings. In fact, if the playoffs started this week, Murrieta Valley would be in and Vista Murrieta would be out. The good news for Vista Murrieta is it has already played Great Oak twice, while Murrieta Valley still plays Great Oak and Chaparral. So Vista Murrieta isn’t out of contention if it can’t avenge the earlier loss to Murrieta Valley, but it would need some help to make the playoffs. If Vista Murrieta can pull through this time, then their playoff hopes are looking good.

Prediction – Vista Murrieta in 4.

1. No. 17 Bishop’s at No. 23 Francis Parker, Fri

The Coastal League title is one the line, but first Parker needs to navigate past La Jolla Country Day. LJCD took Parker to five in the first meeting. Bishop’s beat Parker in the first meeting and enters this week undefeated in league. Parker’s only loss so far in league is to Bishop’s, so if Parker can beat LJCD then it’ll have a chance to pull into a tie for first place by beating Bishop’s in the rematch.

Prediction – Bishop’s in 4.

Others to Watch For:

Windward at Sierra Canyon, Tue – Windward is undefeated in league and closing in on the Gold Coast title. But it must beat Sierra Canyon to stay perfect in league after Sierra Canyon took Windward to five in the first meeting.

Brea Olinda at Esperanza, Tue – Brea and Esperanza play for the second time in North Hills League action. Brea won the first meeting and is trying to clinch no worse than a share of the league title with another victory over Esperanza.

Mayfield at Poly/P, Tue – Poly/P is trying to put last week’s loss to Chadwick beyond it and get back on the winning track in this Prep League contest. Mayfield is fighting Chadwick for second place.

Newport Harbor at Huntington Beach, Tue – Huntington Beach took the first meeting in five games, but lost both Sunset League matches last week. It’s created a three-way tie for first, which includes Newport Harbor. The winner of this one remains in first, while the loser falls to second.

Long Beach Poly at Long Beach Wilson, Tue – Second place in the Moore League is on the line. Poly won the first meeting, but nothing is ever assured in the Moore race.

South Pasadena at La Canada, Tue – South Pasadena beat La Canada in the first meeting and remains in first place in the Rio Hondo League. La Canada can catch South Pasadena in the standings by winning the rematch.

Thousand Oaks at Oaks Christian, Tue – All that stands between Oaks Christian and the Marmonte League title is beating Thousand Oaks and Westlake. The first chore is winning this one, then focusing on Westlake next week.

Great Oak at Chaparral, Tue – Great Oak is in control of the Southwestern League title, while Chaparral is tied for second. Chaparral beat Great Oak in tournament play earlier this season, but Great Oak won the first league meeting.

Chaparral at Murrieta Valley, Wed – If Great Oak beats Chaparral on Tuesday, as well as  Vista Murrieta beating Murrieta Valley, then Chaparral and Murrieta Valley will be tied for second with Vista Murrieta. That means there’s a potential for the loser of this match to suddenly be in fourth place and out of the playoff picture all of a sudden. It’s a huge match.

Scripps Ranch at Point Loma, Wed – Scripps Ranch is closing in on the Western League title. Point Loma is in third place. Scripps Ranch won the first meeting and needs to win the rematch to stay alone in first place and ahead of La Jolla.

Dana Hills at San Clemente, Wed – Dana Hills is the only team to beat San Clemente in South Coast League play so far. San Clemente has clinched at least a share of the league title but is looking to avenge the earlier loss.

Bishop’s at Santa Fe Christian, Wed – Bishop’s is staring down a Coastal League title but needs to beat Santa Fe Christian to remain alone in first place. Bishop’s won the first meeting.

La Jolla Country Day at Francis Parker, Wed – Parker can’t afford to look ahead to its showdown with Bishop’s later in the week. LJCD almost beat Parker in the first meeting.

Chadwick at Mayfield, Thu – This match is likely to determine second place in the Prep League standings. Chadwick took the first meeting.

Westlake at Thousand Oaks, Thu – These Marmonte League rivals hook up with second place likely on the line. Westlake won the first meeting and will look to clinch second place by winning the rematch.

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*Some of the normal Weekly Wrap items like Inside The Top 25 and Looking Ahead will appear separately Tuesday.

We are into the final full week of the regular season.

Tournament action wraps up this week with two of the biggest events of the season in the Redondo Varsity Classic and Santa Barbara TOC.

Regular season play continues through the middle of next week. Playoff draws are released next Saturday.

The way the Southern and San Diego sections conduct their respective playoffs are a bit different.

The Southern Section is straight forward. The top two teams in a four-team league, the top three teams in a five or six-team league and the top four teams in a seven or eight-team league automatically qualify for the playoffs in their respective division.

Teams finishing one spot out of the playoffs and are at or better than .500 on the season can petition for an at-large entry into CIF.

Ties are treated two ways in the Southern Section. If teams finish in a tie, but are going to make the playoffs regardless, a coin flip or league scoring rules are used to determine which team goes in what slot.

For example, if Mater Dei and Santa Margarita finished tied for first place in the Trinity League, both are going to the playoffs. But a coin flip result will determine which team is the first-place representative and which team is the second-place one.

However, if a playoff spot is riding on the outcome, the teams will play a full match and not rely on a coin flip. That could also happen in the Trinity League, where Orange Lutheran and JSerra could finished tied for third.

Since there is only one automatic playoff berth left in the league, the teams would hold a playoff match. The winner receives the third-place berth into CIF.

The San Diego Section is different, because teams in the same league can go to separate divisions for CIF.

One example comes with Vista out of the Avocado-West. Vista is currently tied for second behind La Costa Canyon. However, Vista is a Division 2 team. It’s in league with Rancho Buena Vista and Carlsbad, both in Division 1, along with LCC.

Vista could finish anywhere between second and fourth place and is still going to go to the Division 2 playoffs. Now, the higher Vista can finish in league the better seeding it is going to receive for CIF. But Vista doesn’t have to finish in the top three of the league standings to make CIF, as it would if it was playing in the Southern Section.

Another thing with the San Diego Section is eight teams are going to be picked from Division 1 to participate in the Open Division playoffs. Sticking with the Avocado standings, it’s going to be hard for Rancho Buena Vista or Carlsbad to make a case for Open Division if it can’t finish high in league.

Below is a rundown on current standings in some of the top divisions and best league races around So Cal.

In most cases, not all the teams in the league are listed. That means the ones that aren’t listed aren’t going to make CIF, at least when it comes to the Southern Section set up.


Bay (3 automatic berths) – Redondo (8-0); Mira Costa (6-1); Peninsula (4-4); Palos Verdes (3-5)

Redondo can finish no worse than second place and can clinch at least a share of first place by beating Peninsula this week. Redondo and Mira Costa play each other next week. Palos Verdes defeated Peninsula in the first meeting. Palos Verdes has faced both Redondo and Mira Costa twice already. If Redondo beats Peninsula this week, next week’s meeting between Palos Verdes and Peninsula would be for the final playoff spot. If Palos Verdes wins, it would take third. If Peninsula wins, the teams tie for third and then would meet again in a playoff game to determine which team goes to CIF. That’s the scenario that happened last year, with Palos Verdes winning the playoff for third.

Del Rey (3) – Bishop Montgomery (6-0); La Salle (4-1); Serra (2-3); St. Joseph (2-4)

Bishop Montgomery and La Salle are looking good for the playoffs. They play each other this week and Bishop Montgomery can clinch outright first place with a victory. La Salle can pull into a first-place tie with the upset. Serra and St. Joseph are fighting for the final playoff berth. Serra defeated St. Joseph in four games in the first meeting, so Serra has the inside track.

Mission (3) – Marymount (5-0); Flintridge Sacred Heart (4-2); Notre Dame/SO (2-3); Marlborough (2-4); Harvard-Westlake (2-4)

The final playoff spot is up for grabs, as Marymount and Flintridge Sacred Heart are positioned well. Marymount can clinch at least a share of the league title with one victory this week over either Harvard-Westlake or Notre Dame. Two victories clinch the outright title for Marymount. FSH still plays Harvard-Westlake and Notre Dame. FSH beat each team in three games in the first meeting, so FSH is set up to finish in second. The final spot is a mess. Harvard-Westlake has split with Notre Dame and Marlborough. Notre Dame plays Marlborough this week. Harvard-Westlake, with matches left against Marymount and FSH, is likely to finish 2-6. Marlborough still plays Marymount, so that’s likely a loss. Notre Dame faces FSH and Marymount still, so that likely means five losses for Notre Dame. So in theory, either Notre Dame or Marlborough will finish with five losses. The winner of their meeting this week is likely to finish 3-5 and take third place.

Moore (4) – Lakewood (9-0); Poly (7-2); Wilson (7-2); Millikan (5-4)

Lakewood has three matches remaining, but has essentially locked up the outright league title. The only real chance Lakewood has of losing is to Long Beach Wilson this week. Even then, Lakewood will finish in first alone. Long Beach Poly and Wilson play this week as well. Poly won the first meeting, so a victory in the rematch clinches second place for the Jackrabbits. If Wilson wins, it likely means a tie for second place and a coin flip to determine which team is the second-place representative for CIF. Four teams make the playoffs out of the Moore, with Millikan having fourth-place locked up.

Pacific Coast League (3) – CdM (7-0); Northwood (5-2); Beckman (5-2); Woodbridge (3-4)

CdM’s next victory clinches the outright league title. The final two playoff berths is where the drama is at. Northwood and Beckman would go if the playoffs started today, but Woodbridge is right behind and still plays Northwood and Beckman. Northwood and Beckman split their two meetings and both still have to face CdM. If Northwood and Beckman can beat Woodbridge and both lose to CdM, a coin flip will determine which team goes to CIF as the second-place team. However, if Woodbridge can beat either Northwood or Beckman, it’ll create a tie for third place and the teams will then have to stage a playoff match as the tiebreaker. Where it could get crazy is if Woodbridge can beat both Beckman and Northwood and create a three-way tie for second place. If that happens, not sure what the tiebreaker process would be.

South Coast (3) – San Clemente (5-1); Tesoro (3-3); Capo Valley (2-3); Dana Hills (3-3); San Juan Hills (1-5)

San Clemente has clinched at least a share of the league title. The Tritons have two matches remaining, playing Capo Valley and Dana Hills. San Clemente clinches the outright title with its next victory. The crazy race for the final two playoff spots involves Tesoro, Capo Valley and Dana Hills. Tesoro faces San Juan Hills and Capo Valley. Capo Valley plays San Clemente, San Juan Hills and Tesoro. Dana Hills still has San Juan and San Clemente. Dana Hills is the only team to beat San Clemente in league. The bottom line, Tesoro, Capo Valley and Dana Hills all control their own fates when it comes to making the playoffs. The schedule favors Tesoro taking second and Dana Hills third, but that doesn’t mean it’ll play out like that.

Southwestern (3) – Great Oak (6-0); Chaparral (4-2); Murrieta Valley (4-2); Vista Murrieta (3-3); Temecula Valley (1-5)

Great Oak is positioned nicely, but hasn’t wrapped anything up quite yet. Great Oak still plays Chaparral and Murrieta Valley. The race for the final two playoffs spots should be great drama. Vista Murrieta still plays Murrieta Valley and Chaparral, while Chaparral and Murrieta Valley still square off. So basically Vista Murrieta, Murrieta Valley and Chaparral have to face each other once more. While Vista Murrieta is a game behind the other two, the Broncos have already faced Great Oak twice. If someone between Chaparral, Vista Murrieta and Murrieta Valley can beat the other two schools, they’ll likely clinch second place. Then the winner between the other two would likely take third place. Anything short of that and it gets crazy. If Team A beats Team B, which beats Team C, which beats Team A, then it’ll likely create a three-way for second place and bring out an unknown tiebreaker situation.

Sunset (3) – Huntington Beach (5-2); Newport Harbor (5-2); Los Alamitos (5-2); Edison (4-3)

There is currently a three-way tie for first place with Huntington Beach, Los Alamitos and Newport Harbor. Huntington Beach and Newport Harbor play this week, as does Newport Harbor and Edison. Los Al and Edison closed out league next week. Los Al is probably positioned the best, because the Griffins have Fountain Valley and Marina left, as well as Edison. Huntington Beach is probably the next-best positioned, because if the Oilers can beat Newport Harbor they close with Fountain Valley and Marina. That means Huntington Beach would likely clinch no worse than a share of the league title. Lots can happen. One plausible scenario is a two-way for first place with Los Al and either Huntington Beach or Newport Harbor. Another is Los Al winning the outright title. Newport Harbor could beat Huntington Beach and then lose to Edison, and if Los Al wins out then the Griffins win the outright title. There’s also a chance of a four-way tie for first place. That happens if Newport Harbor beats Huntington Beach, but loses to Edison, which then beats Los Al. In that case, Newport, Edison, Los Al and HB would finish tied 5-3. The tiebreaking procedures would be complicated at that point. The most likely scenario is a two-way tie for first and two-way tie for third, with a playoff match held a tiebreaker for the third-place representative.

Trinity (3) – Mater Dei (5-1); Santa Margarita (4-1); JSerra (3-3); Orange Lutheran (3-3)

Barring a major upset, it’s looking like Mater Dei and Santa Margarita will end in a two-way tie for first place. A coin flip will be used to determine which team goes to CIF as the first-place representative and which goes as the second-place one. With Orange Lutheran beating JSerra last week, it created a two-way tie for third place. It’s likely those teams will end tied for third and hold a playoff match to determine the third-place representative.


Baseline (3) – Chino Hills (6-0); Rancho Cucamonga (4-2); St. Lucy’s (4-2); Upland (2-4)

Chino Hills is in control, having beat second-place Rancho Cucamonga twice already. While Rancho Cucamonga and St. Lucy’s are tied in the standings, Rancho Cucamonga beat St. Lucy’s in the first league meeting and St. Lucy’s still has to play Chino Hills once more. Rancho Cucamonga and St. Lucy’s play each other in the league finale. It’s likely those teams are the final playoffs teams behind Chino Hills. That match next week will determine second place. A Rancho Cucamonga victory clinches second place, but if St. Lucy’s wins a coin-flip will determine which team goes to CIF as the second-place squad.

Big VIII (3) – Santiago (7-0); King (5-2); Norco (5-2)

Santiago, King and Norco are going to make the playoffs and probably in that order. Santiago’s next victory clinches at least a share of the league title. King and Norco are tied, but King has faced Santiago twice already. Norco still plays Santiago, as well as King again. King defeated Norco in the first meeting.

Channel (3) – San Marcos (5-2); Ventura (3-2); Dos Pueblos (4-3); Santa Barbara (3-3)

With the four teams bunched together, lots can happen still. San Marcos is in control, with one match left against Ventura. A victory in that gives San Marcos the outright league title. Ventura still plays Santa Barbara and Buena as well. Santa Barbara plays Buena as well, as does Dos Pueblos in its league finale. Dos Pueblos is also in a good spot, as Buena is winless. As long as Dos Pueblos wins that one, the Chargers will be in at least some sort of tiebreaker scenario for the playoffs as a worst-case scenario. Santa Barbara controls its fate. It has a favorable match against Buena. It’s the Ventura meeting that Santa Barbara really needs. By finishing 5-3, the worst the Dons could do is be in a tiebreaker scenario for the playoffs. Ventura very likely needs to beat either Santa Barbara or San Marcos to make the playoffs. If Ventura finishes with four losses, it’s not likely to make the playoffs. In that case, it would be San Marcos winning league with Santa Barbara and Dos Pueblos tying for second. Santa Barbara and Dos Pueblos split their meeting, so a coin flip would decide which went as the second-place representative.

Citrus Belt (4) – Redlands East Valley (11-0); Citrus Valley (9-2); Yucaipa (9-2); Redlands (6-5)

This league looks to be fairly straight forward. REV is likely to finish out undefeated and win the league title. Citrus Valley and Yucaipa are likely to finish tied for second. Since those teams split their two meetings, a coin flip will determine the second-place representative. Redlands has a firm grasp on fourth place and will grab the last automatic berth.

Crestview (2) – Villa Park (3-0); Canyon (2-1); Foothill (1-2); El Dorado (0-3)

Villa Park has the second round of league left, playing the other three teams once more. Nothing is quite settled yet, but it’s likely Villa Park is going to finish in first. That would leave the other playoff spot a fight between Canyon and Foothill. Canyon won the first meeting. Should they finished tied for second, they would have a playoff to see which team goes to CIF.

Foothill (3) – Hart (7-0); Valencia (6-1); Saugus (?)

Hart defeated Valencia in the first round of league and controls its fate. If Hart beats Valencia in the rematch, then Hart wins the outright league title. It’s likely the worse Hart will do is share the league title with Valencia. Then a coin flip will determine the first-place team for CIF. Saugus is likely going to take third place.

Marmonte (3) – Oaks Christian (7-0); Westlake (6-1); Thousand Oaks (5-2)

Oaks Christian, Westlake and Thousand Oaks be the three representatives. Oaks Christian beat Westlake and Thousand Oaks in the first meeting and still has to play both to finish out league. That means things could get interesting. Westlake and Thousand Oaks still have to play as well. Westlake won the first meeting. If things go like they went in the first round, then Oaks Christian will finish first, Westlake second and Thousand Oaks third. Given all three still play each other, nothing is set yet.

Sea View (3) – Aliso Niguel (6-0); Trabuco Hills (4-2); El Toro (3-2)

Aliso Niguel has clinched at least a share of the league title and clinches the outright title with its next victory. Trabuco Hills and El Toro will make the playoffs behind Aliso, but the order isn’t determined yet. Trabuco Hills and El Toro play once more. Trabuco Hills won the first meeting, so Trabuco Hills can clinch second place. Should El Toro beat Trabuco, there’ll be a two-way tie for second.


Coastal Canyon (3) – Moorpark (6-0); Simi Valley (4-2); Royal (2-4); Oak Park (1-4); Camarillo (1-4)

Moorpark has clinched at least a share of the league title. Simi Valley is likely to take second place, with the final playoff spot between Royal, Oak Park and Camarillo up for grabs.

North Hills (2) – Brea Olinda (3-0); Esperanza (2-1); Yorba Linda (1-2)

Brea Olinda has the inside track on the league title. Brea swept Esperanza in the first league meeting. The teams play again this week. Brea clinches the outright title with a victory. With just two teams making the playoffs, Esperanza needs to beat Yorba Linda again to essentially clinch second place. That’s unless Esperanza upsets Brea. That would likely create a two-way tie for first place with a coin flip used a tiebreaker.

Olympic (3) – Village Christian (6-0); Valley Christian (4-1); Whittier Christian (2-4); Heritage Christian (2-4)

Village Christian has dropped just one set so far in league in beating Whittier Christian in four last week. Village Christian faces Valley Christian this week, but has already clinched no worse than second place. If Village Christian beats Valley Christian, Village captures the outright title. The race is for the final playoff spot, with Whittier Christian and Heritage Christian tied. They have split their two meetings so far. Whittier Christian still plays Valley Christian. Heritage Christian still plays Village Christian. Both Whittier Christian and Heritage Christian both still face last-place Maranatha. Whittier Christian lost to Valley Christian in five games in the first meeting, so if Whittier Christian can beat Valley in the rematch, that would give Whittier the inside track for the final playoff berth.

PAC 7 (4) – Arroyo Grande (10-0); San Luis Obispo (9-2); Atascadero (9-2); Mission Prep (6-4)

Arroyo Grande is closing in on the league title, with SLO and Atascadero fighting it out for second. Mission Prep has the fourth berth. Atascadero still faces Arroyo Grande, so that favors SLO in taking second place.

Orange Coast (3) – Laguna Beach (7-0); Calvary Chapel (6-1); Costa Mesa (4-3); Godinez (3-4)

Laguna Beach has clinched a playoff spot already. Laguna still plays Calvary Chapel, the only team to take a set off of Laguna in league. Calvary Chapel has also clinched a playoff berth. It would need to upset Laguna in the rematch to earn a share of the league title. Costa Mesa and Godinez are going at it for the final playoff berth. Godinez and Costa Mesa play each other this week.

Pioneer (3) – South (7-0); North (6-1); West (4-3); Torrance (3-4)

South and North have clinched playoff berths. West and Torrance still play each other. West won the first meeting in four games. South and North still play each other. South swept the first contest. If South wins the rematch, it’s likely to win the outright title. North can pull into a tie for first place by beating South in the rematch next week.

Prep (4) – Poly/P (8-1); Chadwick (7-2); Mayfield (7-2); Westridge (6-4)

This has been one of the better league races in the division. Three teams are still alive for the title. Poly still plays Mayfield, which still faces Chadwick. Chadwick swept Mayfield in the first meeting and is the only team to beat Poly so far. Some things can change in the order Poly, Chadwick and Mayfield finish, but there’s a good chance they finish 1-2-3 in some order. Westridge has a firm grasp on the final playoff berth.

Rio Hondo (3) – South Pasadena (7-0); La Canada (6-1); Monrovia (4-3)

South Pasadena plays La Canada again this week. South Pasadena won the first match in four. A victory this week would clinch at least a share of the league title. Two victories this week would clinch the outright title for South Pasadena. La Canada can pull into a tie for first place by beating South Pasadena. Monrovia and La Canada play later this week. La Canada won the first meeting in five games, so there’s a chance Monrovia could still tie for second place.

San Gabriel Valley (3) – Downey (7-0); Gahr (4-3); Paramount (4-3); Lynwood (3-4); Warren (3-4)

Downey has clinched no worse than a share of the league title. Downey’s next victory clinches the outright title. The next four teams are all within a game of each other with only two playoff berths remaining. That means there’s a long way to go in this league still.


Desert Valley (4) – Palm Springs (8-0); Palm Desert (6-3); Xavier Prep (6-3); La Quinta (5-3)

Palm Springs is in control. One more victory clinches at least a share of the league title, while two more wins clinches the outright title for Palm Springs. Palm Desert, Xavier Prep and La Quinta are likely to grab the remaining three playoff spots, it’s just a question of in which order. The teams are in a virtual three-way tie for second place.

Empire (3) – Cypress (5-1); Pacifica (4-2); Western (4-2); Kennedy (3-3)

It’s a close league race and with four matches remaining, plenty can take place yet. Cypress’ only loss came to Kennedy, but the teams have played both times already. Pacifica and Western still play, Pacifica won the first meeting in five games. Kennedy still plays both Pacifica and Western. With only three automatic playoff spots, someone is going to be left out.

Freeway (3) – Troy (7-0); La Habra (6-1); Sonora (4-3); Sunny Hills (3-4)

Troy has clinched a playoff spot. La Habra does the same with its next victory. Troy and La Habra still play once more. Troy won the first meeting in five games. Sonora and Sunny Hills are fighting for the final playoff berth.

Gold Coast (4) – Windward (9-0); Viewpoint (7-2); Sierra Canyon (6-3); Crossroads (5-4)

The four playoff teams are pretty clear in this league. Windward has clinched no worse than second place and its next victory clinches at least a share of the league title. Only Windward and Sierra Canyon play each other among the top three teams, so not much is likely to change in the final three matches.

Hacienda (3) – Diamond Ranch (5-1); Los Altos (5-1); Walnut (4-2); West Covina (3-3)

Plenty can play out with four league matches remaining as the race is tight. Four teams are separated by two games. Diamond Ranch lost to Walnut earlier and those teams play again this week. Diamond Ranch and Los Altos still have to play, with Diamond Ranch winning the first contest in four games. Walnut and West Covina split their meetings, so there could be a possible tiebreaker scenario looming.

Mojave River (3) – Serrano (7-0); Burroughs (5-2); Apple Valley (4-3); Oak Hills (4-3)

Four teams are alive for three spots, with Serrano in firm control. The next victory clinches at least a share of the league title for Serrano. Oak Hills and Apple Valley still play once more, so that’ll be big in determining the final playoff spot. Burroughs plays Apple Valley, as well as Serrano. So lots can still happen between Burroughs, Apple Valley and Oak Hills for the final two playoff berths.

Pacific (4) – Arcadia (11-0); Burbank (9-2); Burroughs/B (8-3); Glendale (6-5)

The league race is fairly set. About the only thing left is seeing if Burroughs can catch Burbank. The team play against each other in the league finale next week.

Pacific View (3) – Oxnard (6-0); Rio Mesa (4-2); Pacifica (3-2)

Those three look to be the league representatives for the playoffs. Pacifica and Rio Mesa play this week. Rio Mesa swept the first meeting. Oxnard has clinched at least a share of the league title. Its next victory clinches the outright title.

Palomares (3) – Glendora (7-0); Claremont (6-1); Bonita (3-4); Diamond Bar (3-4); Ayala (2-5)

Glendora has clinched no worse than first place. Along with Claremont, those two schools are positioned nicely. Ayala is facing an uphill battle but isn’t out of playoff contention yet. The thing is there is only one berth between Bonita, Diamond Bar and Ayala, so it’ll be a fun finish to that league.

Sunshine (3) – Louisville (6-0); Alemany (5-1); Chaminade (2-3)

Louisville has clinched no worse than second place. Louisville and Alemany play this week. Louisville won the first meeting and can clinch the outright title by beating Alemany.


The rest of the way, I’m going to list the teams in the expected playoff order unless something interesting is happening.

Academy (4) – Sage Hill (8-0); St. Margaret’s (7-2); Crean Lutheran (6-4); Brethren Christian (5-4); Whitney (4-5)

Del Rio (3) – La Serna (6-0); California (5-1); Pioneer (3-3); El Rancho (2-4); Santa Fe (2-4)

Pioneer, El Rancho and Santa Fe are alive for the final playoff spot.

Desert Sky (2) – Granite Hills (?); Victory Valley (?)

Those look to be the playoff representatives.

Golden (4) – Quartz Hill (11-0); Highland (8-2); Eastside (8-3); Lancaster (7-4)

Inland Valley (3) – JW North (8-0); Poly (6-2); Valley View (5-3)

Ocean (3) – Culver City (6-0); Santa Monica (4-1); El Segundo (3-3)

Culver City and Santa Monica play this week.

San Andreas (3) – Rim of the World (7-0); Rialto (6-1); San Gorgonio (4-3)

Suburban (3) – La Mirada (9-0); Mayfair (7-2); Cerritos (6-2); Norwalk (4-4)

It should be an interesting finish to the league race. Mayfair and Cerritos play each other in the league finale. Cerritos still faces La Mirada, while Mayfair doesn’t.

Sunbelt (3) – Elsinore (7-0); Paloma Valley (5-2); Temescal Canyon (4-3); Heritage (4-3)

Temescal and Heritage both play Paloma Valley still, but Paloma won the first meetings. Heritage still plays Temescal Canyon. Heritage won the first meeting. Temescal also plays Elsinore still, so Temescal is facing a difficult schedule to close league. The winner between Temescal and Heritage is likely to finish third and gain the final playoff spot.


Almont (3) – San Gabriel (6-1); Bell Gardens (5-2); Montebello (4-3); Schurr (3-4); Alhambra (3-4)

San Gabriel and Bell Gardens split their two matches, while Bell Gardens split with Montebello. If things stay the same way, those three will make the playoffs. Both Schurr and Alhambra still play Montebello, which beat both in the first meetings.

Ambassador (4) – Woodcrest Christian (9-2); Loma Linda Academy (8-2); Aquinas (8-2); Notre Dame (8-3)

This is one of the wildest races of any league. So much can happen still, it’s crazy. Woodcrest plays Notre Dame, Aquinas and Western to finish league. Woodcrest split with Loma Linda, lost to Aquinas in the first meeting and beat Notre Dame in the first go around. Aquinas takes on Arrowhead, Woodcrest, Loma Linda and Western in its final four matches. Aquinas split with Notre Dame and lost to Loma Linda the first go around. Loma Linda closes with Ontario, Notre Dame and Aquinas. Loma Linda split with Woodcrest, beat Aquinas in the first meeting and lost to Notre Dame during the first round of league. Notre Dame closes against Woodcrest, Loma Linda and Linfield. About the only thing for sure is these four teams are going to be the league’s representatives for CIF in the end, just the order needs to decided.

Los Padres (4) Templeton (11-0); Santa Ynez (9-2); Morro Bay (8-3); Lompoc (7-4)

Mission Valley (4) – Gabrielino (10-0); South El Monte (6-4); El Monte (5-5); Rosemead (4-5)

Gabrielino has the league title wrapped up. It’s a matter of which order the next three teams go into the playoffs as.

Mountain Pass (3) – West Valley (7-0); Hemet (6-1); Beaumont (4-3)

Mountain Valley (3) – Vista del Lago (12-0); Rubidoux (7-5); Moreno Valley (7-5); San Bernardino (6-6)

Vista del Lago is the league champ, but the final two spots are up for grabs. Moreno Valley still faces Rubidoux and San Bernardino.

River Valley (3) – La Sierra (7-0); Patriot (6-1); Ramona (4-3); Jurupa Valley (3-4)

San Joaquin (3) – Saddleback Valley Christian (7-0); Webb (5-2); Fairmont Prep (5-2); Connelly (3-4)

Webb and Fairmont Prep play this week.

Valle Vista (3) – San Dimas (7-0); Wilson (6-1); ???


Camino Real (3) – St. Paul (6-0); St. Anthony (4-1); St. Monica (3-2)

Condor (4) – Laguna Blanca (9-0); Providence (8-1); ???

Coastal (4) – ???

De Anza (4) – Shadow Hills (8-0); Big Bear (8-1); Desert Hot Springs (6-3); Desert Mirage (5-4)

Garden Grove (3) – Garden Grove (7-0); Santiago (5-2); La Quinta (5-2)

Golden West (3) – Segerstrom (6-1); Loara (5-2); Santa Ana (3-4)

Liberty (3) – Pacifica Christian (5-1); Archer (3-2); Milken (3-2)

Mt. Baldy (3) – Alta Loma (7-0); Colony (5-2); ??

Tri-Valley (4) – La Reina (9-0); St. Bonaventure (8-2); Nordhoff (6-3); Villanova Prep (4-6)


Desert Mountain (4) – Desert (11-0); Mammoth (8-2); Desert Christian (8-3); Boron (7-4)

Frontier (4) – ??

Horizon (3) – ??

Miramonte (3) – Bassett (6-1); La Puente (6-1); Pomona (4-3)

La Puente and Bassett play this week. La Puente won the first contest in four.

Montview (3) – Duarte (7-0); Gladstone (5-2); Azusa (5-2)

Orange (3) – Anaheim (6-1); Katella (5-2); Magnolia (4-3); Savanna (4-3)

Santa Fe (4) – ??

Sunkist (3) – Fontana (7-0); Summit (6-1); Colton (4-3); Grand Terrace (3-4)


Avocado-West – La Costa Canyon (6-0); Vista (4-2); Rancho Buena Vista (4-2); Carlsbad (3-3)

To no surprise, La Costa Canyon has gone through league unscathed so far. The bigger surprise is the rise of Vista in the standings. Vista defeated RBV earlier this season. It was Vista’s first win over RBV since 2007. Vista also topped Carlsbad in league play. It’d been over 10 years since Vista beat Carlsbad. Vista stills plays RBV once more. LCC received good news last week, as the section looks to be taking action to allow LCC into the playoffs this season.

Western – Scripps Ranch (8-1); La Jolla (8-2); Point Loma (6-4); Cathedral Catholic (5-4); Patrick Henry (4-5)

The importance of this league race comes with the selection of Open Division teams. All five teams listed are Division 1 teams, so it’s going to be hard for Point Loma or Cathedral Catholic to make a case for being selected for Open Division ahead of Scripps Ranch and/or La Jolla. Scripps Ranch and La Jolla are building strong arguments for being picked for Open Division. La Jolla is the only team to beat Scripps Ranch in league so far. The teams play in the league finale next week. That’ll be huge. If La Jolla can win out, it’ll finish with a share of the league title but own the head-to-head tiebreaker. That would almost certainly get La Jolla picked for Open Division. Also, La Jolla has a nonleague match remaining against Bishop’s, another strong Open Division contender. It’s right there for La Jolla. The same goes for Scripps Ranch. If it wins out in this league, there’s a strong case to be made for Scripps Ranch being taken into the Open Division. It’s not out of the question that both Scripps and La Jolla can make Open Division.

Palomar – Torrey Pines (7-0); Westview (6-1); Canyon Crest Academy (4-3)

In terms of Open Division, it seems like the three Division 1 teams listed above have already done enough to gain Open Division selection. At the very least, they have earned strong consideration. The only real drama in the league is the finale left between Torrey Pines and Westview and the meeting between Westview and CCA. Even then, it’s hard seeing a scenario play out that keeps any of the three teams from being picked for Open Division.

Coastal – Bishop’s (6-0); Francis Parker (5-1); Santa Fe Christian (4-2); Calvin Christian (2-4); La Jolla Country Day (1-5)

Calvin Christian is a Division 2 school and should receive a high seed once the playoffs start, regardless of what happens in league. The rest are Division 1 teams trying to make a case for being picked for Open Division. At this point, it would seem like only Bishop’s and Parker are still in the running. If Bishop’s can win out in league, it’s likely Bishop’s makes it to Open Division. Parker is on the border right now. A win over Bishop’s this week would help Parker a lot. Santa Fe Christian and La Jolla Country Day are likely playing for seeding in Division 1.

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